In today’s highly competitive environment, client satisfaction is the key to business success. It has become essential to grasp the perception  of a brand’s interactive presence in the market.

  What is imarkscore?

It is the only Canadian index of the quality of a company’s interactive presence based on analysis of:

  • its website 

  • social media 

  • search engines 

  • mobile sites and applications

  The imarkscore process

The imarkscore index combines consumer evaluations with expert assessments. This creates an index that details the attributes of the quality of the company’s interactive presence. The imarkscore process relies on: 

  1. a) Identification of 85 company websites
    b) definition of a main task for each website

    c) completion of the identified task by 5,950 respondents, with 70 for each site
    d) starting each task using a search engine

  3. Each respondent was then asked to complete a 58-question survey. This consumer-based evaluation of websites and search engines entries, was completed by our experts review of social media channels as well as mobile sites and applications




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