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Over the last ten years we have witnessed the proliferation of new technologies intended, in principle, to better reach and better serve consumers. From Internet and its many facets to digital television, cell phone and chip card technologies have multiplied the points of contact with consumers and how to develop a relationship with them.

Today, mobility and ubiquity characterize these technologies, through their multiple applications, giving consumers access to their workplaces, at home, in the car .... But do we really know how to use them? Do we have enough information on their use by consumers to allow us to maximize their business potential?


HEC Montreal's RBC Financial Group Ecommerce Chair has the mission to develop and spread cutting edge expertise and knowledge related to canadian consumer's adoption and use of new technologies.

It's activities are centered around two focus points: scientific research and knowledge transfer. Thus, the Chair studies consumption phenomenons as they are influenced, modified or altogether disrupted by new technologies. Its diffusion objective towards the scientific community and the industry brings the Chair to use multiple transfer channels, including scientific and profesionnal publications, world-scale academic or thematic conferences (alt: symposium, lecture) and business partnership development.

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    YOUge: Chair's new research partner

    31 March 2009
    Welcome to the Chair's new research partner: YOUge.     [more...]
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